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Podiatrist | Diabetic Foot Surgeon | Foot Doctor Chennai  India

Dr.P.N.Someshwara Rao MS, MRCS (Edin), FPS.
Consultant podiatrist| Diabetic Foot surgeon | Diabetic foot specialist.
diabetic foot Podiatrist | Foot Surgeon | Foot Doctor Chennai India Diabeticfoot


As a Podiatrist he does

  • Provide better life to patients with diabetic foot conditions.
  • Provide solutions from foot pain and other common diabetic problems.

As a Podiatrist | Foot Doctor his goals are to

  • Prevent amputation from common causes of diabetic foot infections.
  • Identify patients with diabetic foot neuropathy those at high risk for foot ulceration by foot examination and some basic tests.
  • Educate patients about the methods of diabetic foot care.
  • Advocate biomechanical foot salvage surgery.
  • Rehabilitate patients with appropriate diabetic footwear according to their individual condition.
  • Reduce the morbidity and mortality due to calluses / diabetic foot ulcers

As a Podiatrist has the expertise of dealing with complicated cases of longstanding foot ulcers treatment.

Podiatrist | Foot Surgeon | Foot Doctor Chennai  India provide solutions for common diabetic foot problems like foot pain and patients with callus, foot ulcers, ingrowing toe nails, Charcot foot deformity, foot infections presenting with persistent pus discharge and persistent fever even after other doctors treatment.

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